Love Letters from Elohim – We are the Apple of His Eye


“Lord, what do you want me to know today?” It is a simple question I often ask and am always surprised by His answer.

On this particular morning He responded. “Come and join Me under this apple tree.”  A vision opens and I see Jesus sitting on the ground with His back against the trunk of an apple tree.  I take a seat beside Him.

“Do you know that you are the apple of My eye, Beloved?”

I smile a little embarrassed by His words.  He takes my left hand and says it again.

“You are the apple of My eye.”

What does that mean Lord?

“You are My focus, the love of My life.  My eyes are ever on My children, My Bride.”

“While it is a challenge for you to keep your eyes fixed on Me, My eyes are always fixed on you.  I died to give you life.  My love for you is greater than words can convey.  Someday you will see Me as I am and you will weep with joy at My love for you.”

Pointing up at the apple tree, He said, “This apple tree is full of fruit.  This is a picture of your life.  Each apple represents lives touched and deeds of faith done.  There are more than you can count because there are many you’ve touched unaware.  They read your Face Book greetings at just the moment they needed a word of encouragement.  Or read a blog and received an answer to their questions.”

“You don’t have to be like anyone else.  Just be you.  I love you and l love the unique way you share My love with other people.”


It was a brief encounter, but it opened my eyes again to how much He loves each of us.  He created every one of us with a special combination of personality, strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes.  Each of us is a masterpiece fashioned by His love.  He revels in the fact that we are all different and never intended that we be like anyone else.

Stop and thank Him that you are fearfully and wonderfully made (Pssalm 139) to be exactly as you are.  Share His love with smiles, hugs, words, deeds, prayers, anything that comes naturally to you and reflects Him. One day you will see the fruit on your apple tree and be amazed how many were helped and changed by their encounters with Him through you.

Shalom ♥

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