The Wisdom of God – Focus 32


Wisdom is a word we often hear in prayer.  “Father, give me wisdom in this situation.”  And James 1:5 admonishes us —If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.  Still, many of us go to Abba as a last resort. 

Instead of asking God, we Google for answers, search out YouTube videos, call or message our friends, read books, etc.  The world is full of  ‘wisdom’ but only Abba can provide the ultimate wisdom for us and He is available 24/7.

Today with so many voices pulling us in every direction telling us “this is the way,” we need His wisdom more than ever.

The Passion translation points to the source of wisdom in 1 Corinthians 1:24 and 30: But for those who have been chosen to follow Him, both Jews and Greeks, He is God’s mighty power, God’s true wisdom, and our Messiah. 

For it is not from man that we draw our life but from God as we are being joined to Jesus, the Anointed One. And now He is our God-given wisdom, our virtue, our holiness, and our redemption.

Let’s look at the word WISDOM in Hebrew.  It is Strong’s #2451 from #2449; wisdom (in a good sense):—skilful, wisdom, wisely, wit.

And here is the Strong’s Definition for the primitive root #2449

חָכַם châkam, khaw-kam’; a primitive root, to be wise (in mind, word or act):—× exceeding, teach wisdom, be (make self, shew self) wise, deal (never so) wisely, make wiser.

Wisdom looks like this: Wisdom root  The letters from right to left are:

Chet  8 = New Beginnings. Means: Fence, Gate, Tent wall to Separate, Protect, Cut off. Torah

 Kaf 20 = Anointing of the hand on the head, Redemption. Means: To Bend Down, Surrender, Palm of the Hand, Wing – Good works with our hand in Yeshua

Mem 40= Trial, Testing, Tribulation.  Means Womb, Water from the womb, Cleansing water, flowing water that brings life, Mighty, Massive Chaos, Humility, taking the low place, hidden relationship with God, Cleansing water, flowing water that brings life.

Note that the Mem is at the end of the word bringing one more meaning to the letter: Hidden Truth

When we put all of these letter meanings together and we consider that Yeshua is Wisdom, here is what we find:

Following Wisdom,Yeshua HaMashiach, brings a new beginning, a place of separation and protection.  It is an anointing for surrender enabling us to do the good works of Yeshua with our own hands. We live a cleansed life of humility through our hidden relationship with God.  And we walk in hidden truth.

Psalm 119:97-100 in the Message says it this way:

Oh, how I love all you’ve revealed;
    I reverently ponder it all the day long.
Your commands give me an edge on my enemies;
    they never become obsolete.
I’ve even become smarter than my teachers
    since I’ve pondered and absorbed your counsel.
I’ve become wiser than the wise old sages
    simply by doing what you tell me.
I watch my step, avoiding the ditches and ruts of evil
    so I can spend all my time keeping your Word.

I love the Amplified rendition of Colossians 1:28:   Him we preach and proclaim, warning and admonishing everyone and instructing everyone in all WISDOM (comprehensive insight into the ways and purposes of God), that we may present every person mature (full-grown, fully initiated, complete, and perfect) in Christ (the Anointed One – Messiah).

When I don’t know what God wants me to do in a situation, or what He wants me to speak and need His wisdom, I often go to Him in this way:

1. Abba, I come to You, casting down all my bright ideas, bringing every thought of mine captive to You and Your word. (2 Corinthians 10:5)

2. I submit myself to You, Holy Spirit, and You alone.

3. Abba, what is Your will in this situation? (A sentence or two — God already knows, we don’t have to give Him all the details.)

4. Pray in tongues for a minute or so.

5. Then silently wait in expectation.

6. He often points me to scripture or just gives me the answer I need.  Jeremiah 33:3 says,  ‘Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know. Write down what you hear.  Read the scriptures He points out to you.  Make sure that what you are hearing lines up with God’s word.  His word is our plumb line – ALWAYS.

Solomon, the wisest man in his day, wrote the book of Proverbs and it is full of quotes about wisdom.  I especially like Proverbs 8:11-36 and encourage you to take some time and read it this week.

We all need wisdom, every single day of our lives.  God’s wisdom doesn’t always seem logical, but if followed, makes the wisdom of the world look pitiful.  Feeding 5,000 with a sack lunch didn’t sound wise, but it fed them all and the little boy took home leftovers.  Marching silently around the fortified city of Jerricho in silence for seven days  and then shouting and blowing trumpets looked crazy, but Joshua asked for wisdom and he followed what God told him.  There are still remnants of the crumbled walls visible today.

Again, all of this reveals God’s ways are not our ways, but He is always leading us in triumph, with His wisdom.

Have a blessed week.  We have the Wisdom of the ages leading us, Yeshua HaMashiach. ♥

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