Love Letters from Elohim – No Fear in Love – Step Out in Faith

loveletter2I love you with an everlasting love.  No weapon formed against you will prosper for I am watching over My word to perform it.  What the enemy meant for evil I will turn to good.  Your times are in My hand.  Fear not, only believe.

There is a war brewing but I am the Captain of the hosts of heaven and I have the final say.

As an eagle stirs her nest to uproot her fledglings, I am stirring my Bride.  No more lazy loungers.  It is time to armor up and get ready to soar. 

I have strategic assignments that must be met on time.  Move out quickly when you hear Me call.  It’s not a time for seeking confirmations and angel visits.  You must trust and believe and put your feet to your faith.

The highways and byways are heating up with heaven’s traffic.  Assignments. Assignments—No one left out and no one left behind.  All hands are needed.  Wait for the call, but go without hesitation when you hear.


While this word came years ago, it has never been more crucial than now.  If we truly are children of God, His sheep, we know His voice and we will follow Him.  Being a Christian is more than saying the sinner’s prayer and being saved from hell.  It is meant to be an intimate union with God and His will 24/7, every day, forever.  It requires more than church attendance.  It requires a response to His call for action.

Let us be found loving Him through our unquestioning response to His voice.  God is speaking.  Are we listening?  Are we stepping out to do His will?

Spend some time in prayer this week.  Ask Holy Spirit to show you where you have not or are not responding. Then, grab hold of His grace and as Nike would say, “Just do it.”



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