Love Letters from Elohim – It’s Not About Doing, It’s About Being


Years ago I was upset with a person where I worked.  Day after day there were conflicts.  One morning I asked, “Lord are You allowing this to happen to reveal my own heart to me?”  This was His answer:

“Yes, revealing your heart and to teach you something.  It is not about doing, it’s about being.  You are valued for different attributes than your co-worker.  Do the best in what your responsibilities are and be a light reflecting My love.  Look for ways to serve but also refuse to enter into a competition.  I’ve not called you to compete.  I’ve called you to serve selflessly in love.

 Your worth is in Me and the fact that you are Mine.  Let your life reflect that you are Mine and let the rest go.  I will promote you or move you as I will.  Rest in Me and know that I see all things.  Be available to help others and keep your eyes on Me!

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