Love Letters from Elohim – Love for the Adulterous Woman

loveletter2In January 2009, I was reading from John 8:2-11, about the woman caught in adultery.  As I read, I was caught up in a vision:

I see men drag a young woman across a dusty street and throw her at Jesus’ feet.  I’m a little girl hiding behind a stone pillar watching.  I hear Jesus tell the crowd, “let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”  Silence.

The men are shifting from one foot to the other, stones turning over in their hands. There is a pause and then, thud, the first stone falls to the ground as a young man turns and leaves.  Thud, another leaves.  Slowly stones fall with puffs of dust and the crowd goes away.

The woman is dirty.  Her clothes are torn and her head is bleeding from the fall.

I run to her side with a cup of water.  Kneeling over her, I see her tears and trembling hands as she takes the cup and drinks.

Jesus reaches out His hand and lifts her to her feet.  Then He turns to me, “Let’s walk her home,” He says with a smile. I take one hand and Jesus takes her other one and together we walk down the street to her house.

When we come to a small stone home, she bends down and kisses me and gives me a hug.  She and Jesus embrace before she disappears into the doorway.

Jesus sits down on a rock and gathers me up in His arms.  “You are so like Me little one.  Love is growing in your heart.  You don’t ever have to be afraid to give love.  I will always be with you.  No matter how they look, or smell or sound, love will melt the hurt inside and bring them closer to Me.  Never fear to show love.  Love comes with its own protection—ME.  You see I am LOVE.

Keep your eyes open and your ears open.  There are more opportunities to love than you can ever imagine.  It will change your life forever.  Trust Me.

May each of us move out and show love to all.  We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  Every person is loved by our God and if we are living in and for Him, we need to do the same.  Ask Him to change your heart, He will.

P.S. Months later, Holy Spirit brought this vision back and told me that the adulterous woman was the church, His Bride, who was playing the harlot with other gods.

Let us not be guilty of picking up stones against our brothers and sisters.  He died for all of us.  Let’s love as He loves.

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