Love Letters from Elohim – The Kingdom of Love


I woke up singing hymns of praise.  My heart was light as I sat down in my rocker to spend time with Abba.

The moment I was settled He asked, “Beloved, are you listening?”

Yes, Abba.

“I love you,” He said.

I know You do Father.

“Not to the depths you will know Beloved. For I am taking you and all of My Bride into the Kingdom of Love–My Kingdom.

It has been in place for millennia, but few have tasted of its delights.

It’s time to cross over.

Nothing is required in the Kingdom of Love but to delight in Me.

No packing needed for your cross over.  Leave all behind and follow Me.  You won’t be disappointed.  All that you need for life stands in the ready with your name on it.  No need to worry, no need to rush. No one else will steal it from you.  All is appointed.  It’s a divine layaway plan and I’ve paid for it all.  The only thing necessary for you is to lay claim to it. 

Ask for whatever you will and it shall be done, that My Father is glorified.  As you ask and receive, it will bring glory to My Father.”


We are moving from the church age to the Kingdom age.  It is a time of great acceleration and great change.  It is also something Elohim’s been planning since before the creation and He has everything in place to accomplish His will.  Let’s lift our eyes from worldly entertainment and concerns and lay claim to all He’s given us to fulfill His purpose.  The best is yet to be my friends and it is better than everything that’s come before.  Get ready for the great faith adventure that will usher in the biggest harvest ever for the Kingdom of God.♥



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