Monday Manna – Humility Wins – Redemption is At Hand

monday-manna3God doesn’t do anything without revealing His plans to those with ears to hear.  And His words often come well in advance of the events.  While He shared this with me in October 2014, I see it unveiling now.  Humility is key.  May you be blessed.

As I spent time in His presence, He spoke: My heart is steadfast toward you Beloved, toward all of My Bride. Dark days are coming so that My glory may be revealed.  Light shines brightest in the dark.

Transformation is needed.  Restoration and redemption are at hand. What the enemy means for evil, I will turn to good—no fantastic, awesome, out of this world wonderful.  The enemy will be shocked to see My children rise up in great power.  The sons of light are on the move.  My kingdom will be manifest on this earth, as it is in heaven.

Did I not tell you?  My words will not fail and you all have a part.  There is much to be done, but I will lead you.  No worry, only trust.  No striving, only rest.  Am I not the God of angel armies.  No fear Beloved.  No fear.

The day of great redemption and harvest draws nigh.  I will not leave you without support.  I will come to you and you will be fed with the finest of wheat and honey from the rock.  Fear not, only believe.

With the same glory the Father gave Me, I have given you.  As you find yourself IN ME in Pleasure, your hearts will be turned from mourning into dancing.

You are one with the King of kings and Lord of lords.  No reason to fear, but great reason to rejoice.

  Tell My story.  Tell your story.  I will draw all men as I am lifted up. 

All hands on deck.  No time to play.  Time to put on the armor of light and get ready for a celebration parade.

There’s much to be learned, but I will accelerate the process.  You cannot fail unless you chose rebellion. I am your God and I will not fail you. 

Fear not, follow Me.  Rest in Me.  I have much to teach and to impart.  Are you ready?

Father, only You know.

You are ready Beloved?

Times of mercy

Times of Grace

Seen before Me

On your face

Humility will win the day.

Rest in it, nest in it, fully be blessed in it.  Following your Father’s will.  I will not lead you into a ditch, but to a mountaintop where you will see with new eyes and hear with new ears.  The King is coming and I will not delay. 

Look up.  Look up. The time of your redemption is at hand.


Proverbs 18:12 Before destruction the heart of a man is haughty, And before honor is humility.

James 4:10 Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up.

Psalm 25:9 The humble He guides in justice, And the humble He teaches His way.
1 Peter 5:6 Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time

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