Monday Manna – The Treasure of Being

monday-manna3Do you hear My voice.  Though you often question your hearing, I am speaking to you in accents clear and still.

Silence yourself and draw near—there is always more to learn, more to know, but the biggest lesson is how to BE with Me without agenda or questions—just to BE and experience My undying never-ending love. 

Yes, this is one of your greatest callings. If others observing you never absorb the truths you are trying to share,  but get to know Me, they will have all they need from this life and the next.

Dive in the water is deep and the river is wide.  Treasure awaits, Beloved.  More of Me.  More of Me.  Not anyone else’s  Jesus, but the things I want to reveal to you alone. 

It’s the great adventure you’ve searched for all of your life. Life with Me.  Life in Me.  Life through Me.  Dive in the water is deep and treasures await.


While doing things with and for God get a lot of press, just being with and in Him is beyond compare.  Spend some time each day, being with Him.

Here is a video by Eric Gilmore that highlights some ideas about how to be in God’s presence.

Psalm 62:1 says, “My soul waits in silence for God alone.”

We each have unique experiences with Jesus.  While we often compare our spiritual lives with others and wonder why we aren’t enjoying the same kinds of things they are, God is showing us reflections of Himself specific to our need.  The smallest glimpse is a priceless treasure.

May you set aside time and BE with God, without questions, without agenda and let Him touch your life with Himself.


2 thoughts on “Monday Manna – The Treasure of Being

  1. Oh, TY, it is just what I need to hear over and over–I so want to be a doer–a Martha and the Lord beckons me to just sit at His feet and be still and know, Appreciate this word.

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