Monday Manna – The Blessing of Being Yielded

monday-manna3At the end of April 2009, I spent some time in prayer. Then I asked Holy Spirit, “Where do You want to go this morning?”

“The mountains.”

“Let’s go, You lead.” I said.  Pictures of different mountain streams and river scenes from my past flash before me in a vision.  The Highlands Lake stream.  The Mercy River in Colorado.  The Stanislaus River at Big Trees.  The creek at Wheeler’s Hot Springs.  The river in Northern California we visited during family camp. The river in Guatemala.  The deep swift river in southern Missouri we camped beside.

Then I saw the Lord making His way over  boulders down to the Stanislaus River.  The sun was hot.  It was midday.

He lay down face up and spread eagle on a huge boulder next to the river and I lay down beside Him.  The rush and tumble of the water was deafening, but our eyes were on the heavens and watching a hawk swoop and soar with smaller birds diving at him.

Close your eyes, take in the sound and the heat,” He said.   “Feel the unmovable rock under you. In the world there are many days when the sound is deafening and the heat presses with circumstances appearing to have no answer.  When these days come, lie down and look up.  Soar with the eagle or the hawks, even as you feel the unmovable Rock of My Presence beneath you.  Rest and allow the press of heated circumstances become a ministry of discovery, as I teach you how to rest in the midst of battle.”

“I  can do ALL things through a yielded Bride.  Lie down and yield to Me.  Cast all your care on Me.  I am ever leading you in triumph.”

“There is a door open in heaven.  Come up here and I will show you things to come.”

“Wars and rumors of wars shortly will come.  I am hiding you in My hand.  No weapon formed against you will prosper.  I will open a door no man can shut.”



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