Monday Manna – His Presence – Always Available


monday-manna3In August of 2015, as I spent time with the Lord, He asked me, “Will you follow Me?”

Yes, Lord.

Then in a vision, I see Jesus turn and walk down a well worn narrow path to a stream.  He bends down and scoops up some water with His with hand and lets it run through His fingers.

“Do you see this, Beloved?” He asked.

“Yes, Lord, I see it.  What is it You want me to see?”

“That it is there for the taking.  The water of this river, this stream, is always here just waiting for you to come and partake.”

“What is the water, Lord?”

“The water of My Presence.  It takes determination and choosing to come, but My Presence is always available.

Just as the sound of this water tumbling over the rocks and tree limbs flows endlessly, unraveling the tension of your soul, My Presence does the same without a whisper of sound.

Determine to pause, frequently, and breathe in My Presence.  It will unravel your soul and wash you with My peace.


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