A Love Letter from Abba

loveletter2On this Valentine’s Day, it seems appropriate to share one of Abba’s love letters.  While He spoke it to me, it is for every one of us.  May you fall more and more in love with Him.

“Beloved, you don’t need to strive.  Rest in Me.  I love you so.  There was never a love so pure as My love for My Bride.  I am My Beloved’s and she is Mine and the banner over us is love.  Love, pure love.  No striving, no worry, love.

Love is so much more than you think or understand.  It is more solid than Gibraltar and more fluid than the ocean itself.  My love is incomparable.  It goes where no man has ever gone before.  It reaches into the deepest darkness and soars into the most brilliant light.

It woos and draws.  It tugs and cajoles.  It enhances everything it touches.

My love is light, the very light of life.  The source of all power is love.

Love can’t be bought or sold.  It can only be freely given and freely received.  Love has no barriers.  It cannot be overcome.  It is unstoppable.  Love never fails.  My love conquers all.  Love rules the universe.  True love always wins.  Love gives without thought of reward.

The words, “I love you.” Can change the course of a river or the course of one’s life.  Your love will be tested, but as you come to Me, I will supply all that you need.  Stay in love and stay in Me.”


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