Announcement: My Book is Now in Kindle Format

Front Cover 3

Excited to announce.

My book is NOW AVAILABLE in KINDLE format for all my Kindle loving friends.

Book description: For over forty years Mary Ellen journaled her day by day walk with God. She learned how to hear His voice. She thought her life was perfect. But in the pre-dawn times she spent with God, she looked into the mirror of His Word and leaned in to hear Him, she found the need for repentance and restoration.

On the pages of this book, your life and mindsets will be challenged. As you read her story of triumph through agonizing pain, you will find hope not only for your marriage, but for your life. You will discover the priceless joy in knowing God and following His lead.

Unlike other books of this nature, you will be privy to the true-life circumstances we all face and private conversations she had with God about them. You will hear God’s heart, His wisdom, and His love. And you, like Mary Ellen, will be surprised at the depth of His love and how much He wants to share His heart with every one of us.

Each chapter ends with this question, “How About You?” Along with the question are scriptures and insights for you to weigh with God in your quiet time. You will discover your true identity and you too will be “Surprised by His Love”.

It is still in book format as well.  Go here to order your copy.

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