The Power of Obedience – Video Teaching

The power of obedience

None of us enjoy being tested but testing purifies our hearts and brings our souls(our mind, will and emotions) into alignment with Jesus. While God never tempts us, He does test us. James 1:12.

To be honest, I was tempted to give up loading the teaching video created a month ago. My pastor and I reformatted it several times to no avail. I spent about 8 hours over the month period trying to load it off my laptop at Starbucks, because they have better internet speed. All without reward. Still, last night, Holy Spirit showed me one more way. I took it off my laptop, loaded it on my pc and then sent it to YouTube–9 hours later–yes, 9 hours, it finished loading.

My take on all of this: the enemy didn’t want this loaded and he was creating delays to tempt me to give up. God graced me not to give up and put my trust in Him to the test. It may have been a timing issue. God’s timing rarely looks like our own.

Now you will have the notes and the video.  May it stir joyful obedience in your life as it is in mine.  ♥

Here is the video teaching:


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