I Was Hoping for a Sprint, But the Assignment Was a Marathon


The folding metal chair at our church gathering creaked as I tried to find a comfortable position.  I never remember them being this hard before.  It was not the chair at all, but my body still tense with the cold sendoff I got when I left home this evening.  Mike and I had not worshiped together in the same setting except on unique occasions for four years.

God called me out of ‘our’ church, the one we were both raised in and led me to join a fledgling Vineyard Fellowship.  I was sure it was by God’s leading, but Mike thought otherwise.

Our little group of fifteen worshiped together lifting our voices and hands in praise.  I mouthed the words, but my heart was elsewhere.

When the prayer time started, I hesitated to join in.  “God, am I deceived?  Am I walking in my will or Yours?  Father, I have to know.”  My heart cried out for answers.

Without notice, a vision flashed before me.  I can’t remember if my eyes were open or closed.  There, in the middle of our circle of chairs, was a shaft of light with Mike and me, standing and embracing each other.  I knew we were in complete unity, something greater than anything we’d known.  At that moment God downloaded truths.

God would make us one, and we would accomplish things together by His Spirit that neither of us could do by ourselves.  There was a beautiful future ahead, and it was in His hands to accomplish. How?  When?  What would be needed? The questions, though still unanswered, took a back seat to the vision set before me.

Tears rolled down my cheeks in rivulets.  “Thank You Father.  Thank You for showing me.  Thank You for loving me.  Thank You for what You are doing with us, two broken people.”  The words choked out in whispered gasps between sobs.

While I’d love to say that the vision became a reality in weeks or months, I cannot.  The preview of coming attractions took place in 1992; it is now 2016, and we are just now beginning to see the curtain rise on this epoch.

In our instant everything society, patience, endurance and waiting are not cherished.  However, it is the journey, not the destination where one finds the greatest treasures.

While I wanted a sprint, we ran a marathon instead. Abba taught me so much about myself, about Him and about how to live in peace when life is in chaos.

Do not to put me on a pedestal of accomplishment.  I am likely only a few steps ahead of some of you and a few steps behind others.  We are all trying to find that sacred place of quiet where we only hear His voice, and only His eyes see.  His presence is priceless.  We are all one in Him, equal in His sight. Relationship with Him is available to any of us.

 ~~ How About You? ~~

Do you have prophetic experiences in your life yet to be fulfilled? This flash of insight in 1989, downloaded a ton of promise to me that we are still walking out.  I think of that wisp of vision as a ‘standing stone,’1 or sign post.

Take a minute and consider what your standing stones may be.  You may want to spend some time praying about them and letting God renew His promises to encourage you.  He may have more to tell you.  Just take some time to ask and listen and write down what you hear.

Our God is faithful to His word.


–  – – – –

1 On several occasions, the Bible mentions key people commemorating significant events with standing stones:

Jacob set up stone pillars at Bethel to remember his powerful dream, in which God reaffirmed his covenant with him (Genesis 28:18-21, 35:14-15).  Moses built twelve standing stones at the foot of Mount Sinai after receiving the Ten Commandments and other laws (Exodus 24:2-4).  The Israelites erected standing stones to remember their miraculous crossing of the Jordan River (Joshua 4:2-3, 8-9).  Joshua built a standing stone when the covenant was renewed at Shechem (Joshua 24:27).


2 thoughts on “I Was Hoping for a Sprint, But the Assignment Was a Marathon

  1. This chapter really speaks to me, Mary Ellen. Thank you for sharing and really like the title – resonates deeply in my heart. It reminds me when I wanna grow weary, that all our times are in His hands. Blessings to you and your family and have a beautiful Thanksgiving.

    • Thanks Sandy. Never thought I was the marathon type, but God had other ideas. I have to remind myself often of this test and many others where it took longer than expected, but in the end so much better than I dreamed.
      May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving too. ❤

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