Who Do You Say That I Am?

I Am

Today I was looking back at my2009 journals and came across this word. Felt prompted to post it, as it is a truth for all of us and someone out there needs to hear it today.

(When I got this word I was just back from an encouraging conference.)

My Journal – March 26, 2009

“Abba, as I continue to meditate and consider the truths You shared at the conference, I realize I have new confessions to make:

I am full of JOY

I am full of LOVE

I am full of PATIENCE

I am full of SELF-CONTROL

I am full of PEACE


I am full of GENTLENESS

I am full of GOODNESS

It’s not LONGER I that lives but CHRIST Who Lives in Me.”

“Keep your eyes on Me. Keep confessing who I am. When you say, ‘I am,’ you are referring to Me because IT IS no longer you who live but ME. If you find yourself confessing negative stuff, turn it around and confess who I AM.

We are One now.

You are telling your world about Me with every word you speak and every action you take. You are an expression of Me to others.

I love you little one. You are a ‘chip off the old Block.’ Your smiles, your joy, your love shines with My presence. Enter in. Come up here. We’ve only begun our walk of fullness together.

You’ve used the eyes of your heart mainly to envision failure, weakness, negativity, concerning yourself and others. A picture is worth 1,000 words. The pictures you paint in your mind become your instructions, your assignment.

When you begin confessing I am full of JOY, see yourself joyful. When you confess yourself healed, picture yourself healed. I died to give you ALL that you need for this life and the next. Lay claim to it by seeing and saying it. It’s yours for the taking. See it. Believe it, Confess it, live it.

It’s no longer you that lives but Me.

These are the first baby steps of envisioning. I have things to show you that you can only receive through dreams and visions and time spent with Me in a diorama.

A picture is worth 1,000 words. Pictures grab your heart and out of your heart flow the issues of life. It will change your conversation and your behavior forever.

I am not a god that lies. What I’ve said, I will do. “

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