Take Courage – Part 4

Unknown Path

One Verse Treasures-Joshua 1:9 Part 4

Have I not commanded you?
Be strong and of good courage;
do not be afraid, nor be dismayed,
for the Lord your God is with you
wherever you go.

Here in part 4 is the weighty promise and what it meant not only to Joshua, but what it means to us today.  The first part of Joshua 1:9 was filled with instruction and now comes the promise:

Our next few words are some of the most often repeated in the Bible, “the LORD, thy God,” or “the Lord your God,” depending on your translation. Notice that the KJV has the word LORD all in capitals.  Whenever you see it all in capitals it is referring to Israel’s sacred name for God, ‘Yehovah.’  Many of our Bibles say Jehovah.  There aren’t any J’s in Hebrew…that is a Greek rendition of His name.


Here is what it breaks down to for Joshua and for us:

The Right hand of God’s power is bringing Grace and Revelation through a Man, Yeshua, who will Secure you and Connect you with God, which in turn will bring more Revelation that you need to Pay Attention to.

Do you see that?  Yeshua was on the scene way back there in Joshua’s day, in fact He’s always been on the scene. 🙂

Thy God are the next two words in this verse.  God here is Elohiym in Hebrew and it is the one name for God that most Hebrew scholars want removed from their text because it is a plural word.  “The LORD our God is one,” is a phrase they recite daily and the whole idea of trinity doesn’t jive.  But let’s see what it means:

Thy GOD2

We are blessed to know Elohiym…this is what His name means:

The unified power of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit is with you to teach, instruct and move you forward as He speaks to you.  He will give you grace and revelation that you need to pay attention to, for His right hand of power covers you and fills you with hidden truth that will guide you.

Isn’t that wonderful?  No other god offers this promise, none.

Okay, let’s finish up the verse.

Is with you WHEREVER you go:


What God is telling Joshua is this:

Wherever you go, I go too.  My right hand of power will be manifest to cover you and do mighty deeds.  I will teach, instruct and anoint you, as you surrender to My authority and ultimately, complete redemption will be seen in your lives.  You will live completely redeemed to My will and purpose.

Joshua 21:43-45 tells the end of the story:
So the Lord gave to Israel all the land of which He had sworn to give to their fathers, and they took possession of it and dwelt in it. 44 The Lord gave them rest all around, according to all that He had sworn to their fathers. And not a man of all their enemies stood against them; the Lord delivered all their enemies into their hand. 45 Not a word failed of any good thing which the Lord had spoken to the house of Israel. All came to pass.  NKJV

On January 4th Kris Vallotton wrote in his blog: “The COURAGE of the silent righteous class in America is being awakened to take a stand for their convictions and to brave the spirit of intimidation.”

On January 15, God gave me a word when I asked the Lord what He wanted us to know about this year, He said:

“Breakthrough! Breakthrough in old mindsets. Breakthrough to hope. Breakthrough to faith. I have much I’ve purposed and planned and you’ve only had the first glimpse.

You must trust Me. You must hang onto the promises I’ve given you. My timing is always perfect.  Momentum is being established and it will continue to grow as long as you don’t sidestep it with your own ideas and plans and logic.  Logic will not suffice in this season to come.

The field is ready and waiting for harvesters.  Will you go where I tell you, even though it looks barren?  Will you go if it looks uncomfortable and out of character for you?

Ask Me for eyes to see as I see.  Step out and know, that you go IN ME, not in your weakness, but in My strength.

This is a year of great harvest.  A harvest of righteousness.  A year of breakthrough into the enemy camp.  I’m giving you weapons of love and faith that will demolish the plans of the enemy.

It’s not logical.  It’s the Kingdom way.

Keep your eyes on Me and I will lead you and I will be with you.”

I’d printed out a word from Dutch Sheets the day before but never read it.  After getting the word from God, I looked to my right and saw Dutch’s word sitting beside me on the table.  When I picked it up and read it I was amazed because it confirmed the word on January 1 and the word I just received.

Here’s part of it: He spoke about Joshua and said: the assurance of victory was accompanied by a set of critical instructions for maintaining their success…. In this season, God is attempting to give us a greater understanding of His authority and strength for breakthrough… But we won’t grasp the concept of operating successfully in God’s delegated authority if, even unconsciously, there is any form of self-sufficiency in us.

Our plumb line for moving into the New Year: Trust God, not ourselves.”

Bill and Marsha Burns put words out daily online. On January 21st, Elijah List posted a word from them called “Simplify and Fortify.”  Here is one paragraph from that word.

“Complete obedience is more important than ever, and it will be a huge factor this year. We will now incorporate changes that have occurred into a time of stability on this higher level. We must be true to what the Lord has instructed and led us to do without deviation. Perfect and divine purpose requires perfect obedience.”

From my own journal notes–December 2012 ‘Courage always cuts a path for others to follow.  Courage takes the brunt of the assault, but also the sweetness of the victory more than any other.  Step out My courageous, victorious Bride.  I am with you and there is nothing to fear.”

As I talked with a friend over coffee about this message, I heard the Lord say, “You crossed the Jordan last year.  You have entered the Promised Land.  It’s time to take possession of what I’ve given you.  It’s time to choose.”  I believe this was His word to the Body of Christ.

This is the result that God promises:

God’s Kingdom in heaven will be fully manifest through true sons and daughters who grasp their oneness in His identity and completely move according to His will.

There is an old hymn we used to sing in church…

A charge to keep I have

A God to glorify

A stewardship for life to hold

A call to magnify.

 God is waiting for our response.  Let’s put on our armor, clothe ourselves with His love and move forward in COURAGE TO TRUST AND OBEY.

In my next post will be all the bottom lines to close it out.

May you be blessed as you meditate on this verse of instruction and promise from our God who is Faithful and True.

Until next time, Shalom.

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