27-Call On Him…He Will Answer

“Treasures from the Secret Place”

Call on Him 4

Chapter 27

 He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him.

Psalm 91:15 NKJV

 How do we act toward people who love us and trust us? Are we more likely to want to treat them with love and trust in return? Did you know that this is also a covenant promise?

When two people make a covenant in Middle Eastern culture, they vow to answer the call if the other is in need, to the point of giving up their life, if needs be. Do you remember the story in Luke 11:5-9, about the man coming to ask his neighbor for bread in the middle of the night and the one being asked had to get out of bed and meet the need? Well, in case you don’t know, the reason he got out of bed and met the need wasn’t just his friend’s persistence, it was because they were in covenant.

As believers who have chosen to dwell in the secret place, we are subject to covenant blessings. Let’s see.

He shall call upon Me:

<7121> He shall call upon(kaw-raw’); a primitive root; accosting a person met]; to call out to (i.e. properly, address by name).

Qof= Qof 100 = Election of God’s chosen ones. Meaning: Divide, sun on horizon,Back of the Head, Make a Complete Circle, End of a Cycle, Final, Behind, Dome

Resh2= Resh 200 = Insufficiency. Means: Head, Chief, Beginning, Highest, Most Important, a Person

Aleph= Aleph 1= God – Echad – Unity, Unique (no other like it) Means: Ox head—Strength or  Leader, Most Important, FirstThe Strength and Power of the leader

HE SHALL CALL UPON ME: When we fully believe that we are His chosen ones and that He is Head over all things in heaven and earth and under the earth, seen and unseen, and we call upon Him as our Leader, full of strength and power…

And I will answer him:

<6030> I will answer(aw-naw’); a primitive root; properly, to eye or (generally) to heed, i.e. pay attention; by implication, to respond; by extens. to begin to speak; specifically to sing, shout, testify, announce:

Ayin= Ayin 70 = Completion of Time. Means: Eye, to See, Understand, Experience, or to be Seen

Nun= Nun 50 = Restoration, Holy Spirit, Jubilee. Means: Life or Action

Chet= Chet 8 = New Beginnings. Means: Fence, Gate, or Tent wall – Separate, Protect, Cut Off

I WILL ANSWER HIM: God will see and understand. He will act in our behalf, setting a hedge of protection around us.

(I will be) with him:

5973 I will be with him1 (eem); from OT:6004

<6004> I will be with him2 (aw-mam’); a primitive root; to associate; by implication, to overshadow (by huddling together).

Ayin= Ayin 70 = Completion of Time. Means: Eye, to See, Understand, Experience, or to be Seen

Mem= Mem 40 = Trial, testing, Tribulation. Means: Womb, Water from the womb, Mighty, Massive, Chaos.Humility born out of a hidden relationship with God

Mem= Mem 40 = Trial, testing, Tribulation. A closed Mem means: <= Hidden Truth (closed mems always appear as the last letter in a word)

I WILL BE WITH HIM: I God, will not only see your need but experience it with you. I will go with you through it all the while hiding you from ultimate destruction.

I will deliver him:

<2502> I will delver him; a primitive root; to pull off; hence (intensively) to strip, (reflex.) to depart; by implication, to deliver, equip (for fight); present, strengthen: KJV – arm (self), (go, ready) armed (X man, soldier), deliver, draw out, make fat, loose, (ready) prepared, put off, take away, withdrawself.

Tav= Tav 400 = The outcome of Trial and Testing. Means: Covenant, Seal, Mark, A Sign, Ownership, Finished or Complete

Lamed= Lamed 30 = Blood of Messiah, Dedication. Means: Goad or Stick, to Teach or Instruct, Authority, to Control, Urge Forward, a Tongue

Tzade= Tzade 90 = Humility. Means: Righteousness, Fishhook, to Pull Toward, Desire, Trouble, Harvest

I WILL DELIVER HIM: Because of God’s covenant, God, will teach you and will use His Authority to Pull you to Himself and out of every Trouble.

In trouble:

6869 in trouble1 (tsaw-raw’); feminine of OT:6862; tightness (i.e. figuratively, trouble); transitively, a female rival: KJV – adversary, adversity, affliction, anguish, distress, tribulation, trouble.

6862 in trouble2; or tsar (tsawr); from OT:6887; narrow; (as a noun) a tight place (usually figuratively, i.e. trouble); also a pebble (as in OT:6864); (transitive) an opponent (as crowding): KJV – adversary, afflicted (-tion), anguish, close, distress, enemy, flint, foe, narrow, small, sorrow, strait, tribulation, trouble.

<6887>in trouble 3(tsaw-rar’); a primitive root; to cramp, literally or figuratively, transitive or intransitive (as follows): KJV – adversary, (be in) afflict (-ion), beseige, bind (up), (be in, bring) distress, enemy, narrower, oppress, pangs, shut up, be in a strait (trouble), vex.

Tzade= Tzade 90 = Humility. Means: Righteousness, Fishhook, to Pull Toward, Desire, Trouble, Harvest

Resh2= Resh 200 = Insufficiency. Means: Head, Chief, Beginning, Highest, Most Important, a Reason, Human Reasoning

Chet= Chet 8 = New Beginnings. Means: Fence, Gate, or Tent wall – Separate, Protect, Cut Off

IN TROUBLE: When it looks like the enemy has put his hook in you, I God, will show him that I Am the Head, and will Cut Off the enemy and Separate you to Myself.

I will honor him:

<3513> I will honor him; or kabed (kaw-bade’); a primitive root; to be heavy, i.e. in a bad sense (burdensome, severe, dull) or in a good sense (numerous, rich, honorable; causatively, to make weighty (in the same two senses): KJV – abounding with, more grievously afflict, boast, be chargeable, X be dim, glorify, be (make) glorious (things), GLORY, (very) great, be grievous, harden, be (make) heavy, be heavier, lay heavily, (bring to, come to, do, get, be had in) honour (self), (be) honourable (man, promote (to honour), be rich, be (go) sore, stop.

Kof= Kaf 20 = Anointing of the hand on the head, Redemption. Means: To Bend Down, Surrender, Palm of Hand, Wing

Bet= Bet 2 = Divide or Division     Means: House/Family

Dallet= Dallet 4 = Earth or creation. Means: Door, Gate, Impoverished man, to come from

I WILL HONOR HIM:  I God, will anoint you, redeeming you and your household and setting you free to walk through the door I have opened before you.


 ~~Journal Notes~~~

March 4, 2012

I asked the Lord to take me into His presence, to give me a vision that would lift me out of my teaching concerns and fill me with Himself.

“Meet Me in the meadow Beloved.”

See myself walking through a forest of pine and redwood and see a clearing ahead—a knoll of high grass and yellow flowers. The air is sweet and fragrant. Yeshua stands where the forest ends and the knoll begins. He is looking off in the distance intently.


“What is it Lord? What do You see?”

“I see the Day of Great Awakening. It is just beyond the now, but it is advancing quickly.”

“Lord, what is the Day of Great Awakening?”

“It is a time when darkness will be exposed for what it is and light will shine more brilliantly than the sun. Isaiah 60 will come in bold relief and rich tapestry. It won’t be an ooey gooey warm and fuzzy thing, but swords clashing and battles raging time. I will show Myself strong and there will be a great awakening among My children of Who I AM and the sovereign power I have to do whatever I choose whenever I choose. You see no weapon formed against Me or My children will prosper. Truly I AM the Lord of Hosts, sovereign ruler and master over angel armies, there is NOTHING I cannot do. NOTHING. Call to Me and I will answer you and show you might things you do not know.

There is a breakthrough coming for great and marvelous is your God. His compassions fail not, neither do His promises. I Am able to do all things and with Me all power resides to kill and to make whole.

A nation in a day. A nation in a day. Watch Beloved. Watch and be ready for I am coming in an hour when the world thinks not, but be watching. Be ready to stand still and see the salvation of your God. A nation in a day. NOTHING is too hard for Me.”

Next entry…


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