*Treasures from Psalm 91:13

“Treasures from the Secret Place”

Treasure Box-91_13

Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder:
the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.
Psalm 91:13 KJV

This verse, like so many others we’ve dug into, has some surprising truths.  We found that it truly isn’t about lions or snakes or dragons, but about things we encounter everyday.  Let’s take a look at what we discovered:

THOU SHALT TREAD: When we are hidden in Him, we can boldly come out the Door of Insufficiency–where we are trying to figure things out on our own. We can come under the Anointing of His Hand and Surrendered to His will, subdue all in our path.

THE LION: Again, hidden in Him, God will Consume our enemies who seek to Separate us or Control us with their loud intimidating words.

THE ADDER:  This is one kind of enemy who claim to Govern and have Ownership of our lives. They try to frighten us with their Actions.

THE YOUNG LION: Another enemy are the young ones who appease and placate us and Goad us to Surrender to their Power.  They try to entice us with Human Reasoning that goes against Obedience to God’s Word.

THE  DRAGON: Here we are facing the enemy himself.  He tries to convince us of his power by showing us the Outcome of those He has already overcome and taken Ownership, causing them to Surrender to his Hand.

But as those hidden in Him, we can….

TRAMPLE UNDER FOOT: All of these foes are Insufficient under the rule of the Most High God, who resists the proud and comes to the assistance of His own who have Hidden Relationship with Him.

Great stuff in times when everything wants to convince us that we are weak and they are strong.  There is no one stronger than God Almighty and He is our Father, our Redeemer, our Deliverer and the lover of our soul.  Hallelujah!


2 thoughts on “*Treasures from Psalm 91:13

  1. Hallelujah. What a wonderful gift of Loyalty God has towards us. To use the Authority name of His Son Jesus Christ in all situations, to declare Life over death, to lift up and encourage rather than push down in rejection, to Love rather than hate…..HE is Loyal, He is Love, He is Lasting…..FOREVER!

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