Judgement or Revival??

I often worship and pray in the car. As a person who hears prophetically, I enjoy discussing with the Lord the dilemmas of life and hearing His viewpoint.

Recently, I’ve seen two distinct camps mushrooming in prophecy. One camp is carrying the revival banner, life, blessing, fulfillment of promises, restoration of our country and new awakening in the Body of Christ. The other camp is shouting judgement, warning, persecution, famine, and destruction of all that’s moral and good.

On December 29th, I was driving to town for groceries and took the opportunity to ask the Lord about these two groups. “Abba?” I asked. “Please tell me, which one of these groups are speaking Your word?”

“They both are,” He said.

“How can that be?”

“They are walking along side each other. I am blessing the righteous–those seeking My face, hearing My voice and walking in My will. But I am judging the wicked.”

Having researched the word ‘wicked’ before, in a Hebrew letter by letter breakdown, I knew that the wicked are those who honor any human reasoning more than they honor obedience to God’s Word. The wicked are those placing anything as more important or head above God’s Word or His Spirit in their words or deeds. — This is not exactly the definition we’d normally voice if asked for the definition of wicked. On any given day, each of us likely have moments of ‘wickedness’ as we choose to do our ‘own thing’ rather than to do His.

“Will the righteous be effected by the judgement on the wicked?” I asked.

“Yes, they will. But, in the end, righteousness will prevail.” And as I type this, I am hearing Him add, “…for a season.”

Righteousness will prevail among the righteous for a season. But, judgement will be manifest on the wicked.

Later, when I got home, I talked with my husband about what I’d heard. He said, “Remember when God brought plagues on Egypt? The first three of the plagues effected the Jews and the Egyptians and then there was a separation for the rest of the plagues, and only Egypt was hit with them.”

After almost 400 years of living in Egypt, the Jews had lost touch with who their God was and what He could do. God needed them to see that the God who was calling them out of Egypt was bigger than the gods of Egypt. When they saw God’s power displayed, especially when a line of separation manifest between themselves and the Egyptians, the Jews saw God’s goodness and were more willing to follow Him out of Egypt.

I believe we also, especially those of us here in the United States, have in many ways lost touch with who God is. We haven’t seen the kind of persecution other Christians have and to some extent have believed we are exempt because of our ‘goodness.’ Plus, we haven’t seen the numbers of supernatural miracles people in other nations have seen. Our view of God has been so much less than who He is.

God has been speaking to me since the early 90’s that He is going to show up in a way that no one will wonder again whether He is real or not. Nor will they wonder if He is mighty. I like to say He’s going to show up and show off–Large and in charge. And we Christians will not be exempt from all that is about to take place in our nation.

In January 2015, I was preparing to bring a message, and the Lord took me to Joshua 3:5 And Joshua said to the people, ” Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.”

Then He told me our assignment for that hour was to walk with Him and learn the way of holiness, complete submission to His Will and security in His love.

Once again He is calling, “Sanctify yourselves. Live who you already are, My chosen ones, set apart as holy.” Sanctification is not about becoming perfect.   It is about becoming perfectly His–distinct from the world.

Judgment or revival? I don’t know how it’s all going to come down but God is with us, God is for us, and He will see us through. Keep asking, keep listening, and keep doing what He prompts you to do. I am expecting blessings to come in the middle of the mess, because our God is faithful.

Shalom ♥

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