Love Letters from Elohim – Enjoy the Journey

winding_road_5In March 2009, we were between houses, living with relatives, waiting for a ‘short sale’ to go through.  I was determined to keep my eyes on the Lord.  One morning, I began with this:

“I turn my focus to You, Lord.”

Immediately a vision opens.  Yeshua and I are lying on our backs in the grass.  It is a warm summer evening.  We are gazing at the stars and both of us are smiling and thrilled to be together, relaxed.  I can smell the night blooming jasmine.  A meteor soars across the sky. –The vision is so real.

“Lord I love being here with You.  I love Your creation.”

“I made it for You and I to share.” He said, smiling.  “The colors, the variety, the spontaneity, the order, all of it brings Me pleasure, but you bring Me the greatest pleasure.  Only you can love Me back with a willing heart. Only you can express My love fully with the world.  You are an expression of My love.  Humanity is the highest expression of My love, My power, My joy.  Nothing compares with you, nothing is even close in competition for My affection. 

People love their dogs, their children, their cars, their money, their fame, their life more than they love Me.  I am their very life, yet few know Me or care. Stay here with Me.  I love sharing time and conversation with you.

Rest in My ability to provide all.  Rest and wait, all is well.  Remember it’s the journey, not the destination that holds the greatest challenge and blessing.  I am with you in the journey and I am your destination.  Each twist and turn helps you see Me more clearly.  Thank Me for every one.  They are measured in My hand.  Perfectly balanced for My will to be accomplished in you. 

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