Monday Manna — It’s About Choice and Surrender to Him

monday-manna3Several years ago, I found myself sliding into a ditch of worry and cried out with my best prayer, “Help!”  Within hours, Holy Spirit led me back into the Word.  My cry became thanksgiving and a request for more understanding.

“Abba thank You for getting me back in the Word and uncovering more treasure to me.  My heart and hands remain open to receive what You have for me.  You see my heart.  Abba help me know Your love and to truly trust You.  I say I trust You and yet surrender to worry. I cannot serve twocho masters.  Abba, set me free!”

In hushed tones He answered, “I have set you free. Choice is what is keeping you bound. Choose you this day whom you will serve.”

Lord, I choose to follow You.

Good choice.  I sensed His smile.

With that, this scripture was prompted:  Job 28:28

Behold the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom.  And to depart from evil, that is understanding.

Abba, I asked, tell me more.

Fear of the Lord—what it looks like:

  • Surrender to Truth, to Me–that is wisdom.
  • Believe My word no matter what it looks like.
  • Walk in Trust, no matter the delay in answers.
  • Declare from a believing heart.
  • Obey, regardless of the circumstances.

Depart from evil—what it looks like:

  • Stop speaking defeat–outwardly and inwardly.
  • Stop surrendering to hopelessness.
  • Stop surrendering to temptation.
  • Stop quitting before the victory is won.

Since then, I’ve done my best to practice these principles, but freely admit, I’ve not mastered them.  Still, because of our conversation that day, I more quickly recognize when I am starting to slide back into the ditch and by His grace, if I choose–that’s the rub–I can avoid it altogether.

If this is new or a reminder, let’s put it into practice this week.  Listen, follow instructions, walk in peace and victory.  All it takes is making the right choice and surrendering in obedience regardless of how it feels or appears.



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