Monday Manna – Of Wise Men and Kings

monday-manna3After Abba spoke to me about the mystery of the manger, He surprised me with more the next day.

“Yesterday we talked about the manger.  Today I want to tell you about My experience with the Wise Men.” He said.   “Yes, I was nearly 2 when they came.  Even after their long months of travel, they came dressed in finery that glistened with their importance and place in society.  Remember though, I don’t regard the outward man, I look in the hidden man of the heart.  Their hearts came to worship.  Truly they had a greater sense of who I was than some of the shepherds who came on Christmas night.  These men had spent years in study and discussion.  They knew there was something very different about this little Jewish boy.   They were not dissuaded by My humble appearance.

While they were looking for a King they found Him in this tiny joyful child, full of play and mischief.

 Have you observed 2 year olds lately?  They are far from quiet or calm.  They are normally full of life and adventure, wearing all of their emotions on the outside. 

These three wise men saw through all of that and believed with their hearts that they’d found a future King, unlike any king that had ever ruled before.

 I was delighted with their visit.  They had no reason to believe that they would benefit in any way.  They came to honor Me, to show their allegiance with My purpose and yet didn’t stay around to even see evidence that I was who they thought they’d found.

They came, they gave what they brought to give, they worshipped, and left another way to protect Me from being found. They weren’t seeking a reward or notoriety.  Their whole purpose was to worship Me.

 They came to the hidden place, they worshipped and experienced My joy there.  They went out from that hidden place carrying with them the knowledge of seeing Me—that was enough.

 Men often seek titles, rewards of physical remuneration or applause of others.  These three were satisfied in seeing Me and the opportunity to five.  Selfless living.”

 Lord, what does this have to do with You?  With me?

“When you give to others, what is your motive?  Do you give freely or do you give with the thought of reward?”

 I think I give most of the time with the thought of reward—either for the applause or approval of man or something physical in return.

“Do you know how to change your focus?”

 No I don’t.  Lord, how can I change my focus?

“Consider the one your are giving the gift—their joy, their welfare, their need.  Be blessed by their joy.  Be blessed to give—by having the ability to give and let that be enough.”

Lord, free me to love through giving without the need for return.

You may also be interested is watching, “The Mystery of the Magi.”  Some facts here about who they were and why they knew to follow the star.

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