God’s Ordained Pause – Shabbat

snowy patchesPatches and pools of snow lie scattered across the pasture.  Rainfall slowly returns the blizzard landscape to ebbing fields of autumn. Winter is but three weeks away, but we’ve already received 6″ of snow and below zero windchill. snow

It’s Shabbat, time to pause, to give thanks and count the blessings this week delivered.

My list includes the ability to see and experience:

  1. 50 mph winds and blinding snow. blizzard

2. Dazzling crystals strews in rippling patterns over the windswept drifts.

Dazzling crystals

3. The warmth and color of dancing firelight in our wood stove.

4. The squeals of delight when our daughter opened her birthday present.

5. A haircut that is finally returning me to myself.

6. The generosity and great customer service offered by Amazon for a returned item.

7. The delicious warmth of Vegan Winter Lentil Stew.

8. The new placement of our bird feeder and the joy of watching species different from our California feathered friends.

9. This morning’s mix of warm rain with cold snow, birthing billows of fog from the ground.

Peace reigns.  Bare limbed trees stand in the perimeter blanketed in mouse grey fog. foggy perimeter

All is quiet except for the gentle whisper of breeze that comes in waves.  My soul is renewed in the muted colors and silence.

Draw deep

Let loose all your troubles

Allow your body to let go and flow

With the hushed sounds of vanishing autumn.

Sabbath was made for man

Time to lay aside all demands and worry

Time to rest, give thanks and restore.

God didn’t rest on the seventh day because He was tired.  He rested to sit back and appreciate all He created.  If we are always doing and never stop to enjoy, we are sabotaging the divine rhythm of creation.

Stop–take a seat–look around and see the blessings that surround you.  Give God thanks and let His smile permeate and put to rest every cell in your body.

Shabbat Shalom my friends. ❤

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