Monday Manna – What to do When Your Mind is at War

monday-manna3With all the deception, fake news and threatening prognostications of our day, peace of mind is something we all need. One morning I was meditating on this scripture: “He who dwells in the secret place shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”  Psalm 91:1 

Suddenly, in a vision I saw Yeshua with the tallit over His head.  It was draped over Him and the world.  The world represented those who dwell in Him, experience His covering, His presence,  and thus His protection.

He lifted the tallit  and asked, “Will you abide Beloved?  No matter how it appears?  Will you trust Me in the face of conflicting evidence?  Am I trustworthy?”

Yes Lord, by Your grace I will abide and trust.

“A war against your mind is coming, but the outcome of victory is already determined—oneness, peace, joy unspeakable and wholeness in ministry (a sweet spot homerun).  Watch and pray and believe.  I have not left you comfortless.  Look to Holy Spirit to meet your every need.  He will.  He has orders to do so.  Call on Him while He is near. ”

***  Instead of trying to figure things out on our own.  Instead of looking at our bank account or our peers or government for help, let’s remember to turn to Holy Spirit.  He will see us through to our already determined victory.

Have a blessed week.♥


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