Q & A About Living the Supernatural Life

This is a video from the second night with Etienne Blom.  He and Anita Roux gave us the chance to ask any questions we had about the supernatural and life as a son of God. Etienne Blom is a son of God and internationally known prophet who flows powerfully in all areas of the five-fold ministry. Anita Roux is also a prophet and sometimes ministers with Etienne at conferences and gatherings. Etienne is director of Kingdom Fire Ministries, executive director of Shammah Church and president of Kingdom Fire Christian College in Stellenbosch , Western Cape, South Africa.

In this session questions were asked about the cloud of witnesses; how one sees in the spirit; what responsibilities are ours as we sit in heavenly places with Yeshua; what does intercession look like from heavenly places; what is the role of a prophetically gifted person vs. a prophet; what was your first encounter with Yeshua and many other questions. I believe you will receive divine answers and insight of what it means to live in the spirit as one of God’s sons. Be blessed.

Please look for other teaching and revelation by Etienne Blom here on YouTube. He is a man God has chosen to minister to thousands, yet he moves in humility, great understanding, and anointing in the smallest of settings as well. Be blessed.

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