Monday Manna – The Value of Hiddenness

monday-manna3From my journals: November 2005 – I was struggling with what I saw of a split personality in my life. So I asked the Lord, “Father, how do You see my life? One minute I am ministering in tenderness and the next spewing out criticism and unbelief. HELP!”

“I see you as a daisy. You are a perennial and you have seasons in public strength and beauty, and seasons of death and waiting—hidden from public. You think that the public time would be more valuable to Me, but I delight in the hidden times of death because it’s then that we share the most. It’s then that you are open to receive. You have time for a meal and aren’t interested in a fast-food drive-thru. Learn to cherish these hidden times. I do My best work in hiddenness. It’s only in hiddenness that My treasures are found.

“If you want to discover the secrets of life, be willing to plunge into death—the death of self—and drink from the deep fountain found in the valley of sorrow and suffering and transformation.

“You are impatient with the process, but I am not. You are right on schedule. You are getting revelation even as I show you your unbelief and hardened heart. It’s not new to Me but I’ve waited to show it to you because now I’m ready to change you. I’m ready to remold you for this next season. Hard-heartedness must go and I will take it. Unbelief will fall away as naturally as the petals of a daisy give way to their season. I declare a new season over you, one of bold faith and joy. Let me do it, I will!”

~~~ He has been faithful to His word. ~~~

If you are struggling with the things in your life that don’t reflect Him, ask Him for His perspective and let Him lead you in hope.

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