Monday Manna – Praise and Rest

monday-manna3I began my time by telling Holy Spirit, “I’m totally distracted this morning.  Reading and pondering, but I’m not ‘present’ with You.”

I stood up in the only bare three-foot by four-foot space in my prayer room. As an act of obedience to an inner nudge, I put out my arms and said, “Lord, I put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. I will shoot out my hands and dance with energy.”

“The garment of praise is your heavenly battle fatigues.” He said.   “Praise is a weapon and rest is a weapon.  The more you praise, the more you will rest.”

I started putting on the armor and heard Holy Spirit say, “Put on Love.  It is the fiercest weapon of all.  It embodies all of Who I am.  Love overcomes all.”

“As you go about your day, remember you are dressed in Love.  Look for ways to show love, speak love, and act in love.”

This brief connection with Holy Spirit changed my day.  The rest is history.

We already have everything we need to walk in joy and peace and love.  It all comes down to our choices.  May you be blessed by choosing Life in Him. ❤

4 thoughts on “Monday Manna – Praise and Rest

  1. Good word for today. 😁 Abba has used many of your words to bring release from bondage the day you post them. Thank you for being obedient. 💖

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