The Bridal Army – Hebrew Lesson


The Bridal Army:

In Song of Solomon 6:10, Yeshua says of His Bride:

Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the moon, clear as the sun, and terrible as an army with banners? KJV

We are hearing a lot about God raising up an army, but do we realize that it is a Bridal army?

I was prompted to do some digging into two words in this verse today.  Two words that carry certain images for us.  They are ‘terrible’ and ‘banners.’  We all know what these mean, right?  After an hour of digging, I’d say, “No, we have no idea what they mean.”

Let’s take a look. I was drawn to ‘banners’ first.

Banners– Strong’s #1713- To flaunt, to raise a flag, to be conspicuous, set up banners, chiefest.  And it is spelled – read from right to left – Lamed, Gimmel, Dallet.

Dallet – the numerical value of 4, which stands for earth or creation. Meaning: Door, Gate, Impoverished man.

Gimmel – the numerical value of 3, which stands for divine perfection.  Meaning: Generous rich man, to lift up, give, benefit, toil or retaliate.

Lamed – the numerical value of 30, which stands for the blood of Messiah, or dedication to a task.  Meaning: Staff Goad, Stick, to Teach, Instruct, Authority, to Control, urge forward,  or a tongue.

In this verse, the Bridal army appears with banners that are declaring to all the earth the benefits, the sacrifice, and character of Yeshua, the Door for all mankind.  In His divine perfection, He shed His blood for all.

In Brian Simmons book, The Sacred Journey,* Brian writes, “These banners we wave are virtues of the One we love.  We wave the banner of love, the banner of forgiveness, and the banner of endless hope.  Our banners enable us to overcome as we dance to their truths. We will push back the forces of darkness with waving banners of triumph.”

Okay, now let’s look at ‘terrible.’

Terrible- Strong’s #366 – Frightful, terrible.  And it is spelled – read from right to left – Aleph, Yod, Closed Mem.

Aleph – the numerical value of 1, which stands for God, Echad (unity), Unique (no other like it). Meaning: Strength or Leader, Most Important, First, The Strength and Power of a Leader.

Yod – the numerical value of 10, which stands for completion or outcome of something.  Meaning: Hand, Right Arm, Power, Right hand of God’s power, a Deed Done, to Work, to Allow, to Cover, Hollow, Open Hand

Closed Mem – the numerical value of 600, which stands for warfare.  Meaning: Hidden Truth.  (It is a closed Mem because it is at the end of the word) the meaning of the letter Mem is Womb, Water from the womb, Mighty, Massive, Chaos, Humility, Taking the low place, Hidden Relationship with God, or Cleansing water flowing that brings life.

Putting this all together we can say, the Bridal army is terrible. There is no other like it.  It moves in the Strength and Power of God to Bring Completion to His Word.  Out of her Hidden Relationship with God, she now walks releasing Hidden Truth that brings Cleansing and Life.

Banners were used to claim territory.  The conquering army staked their flag or banner in the ground declaring rulership.

Therefore, to the enemy, an army carrying banners was terrifying.  This army isn’t only going to claim one mountain, but many.  Yeshua and His Bride will soon dismantle every one of the enemy’s strongholds.

This is the army that is being raised now, in this hour.  The enemy is terrified and running in circles, doing all he can to keep those banners from being staked.  But we’ve read the end of the Book.  We are the victorious Army of Love that will defeat every foe.

If you don’t have a hidden relationship with God, a one on one daily time together, start now.  Get into His word and ask Holy Spirit to interpret it for you and give you counsel in how to apply it to your life.  It’s time to put on the character of our Bridegroom and declare to the world with our words and actions what living in the Kingdom is all about.

See you on the battleground.  We have territory to reclaim.


  • The Sacred Journey, by Brian & Candice Simmons


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