Monday Manna – It’s About Your Focus

monday-manna2As I sat with Holy Spirit, I asked Him to show me how to hear Him more clearly.

Step into My office. He said.

I see Jesus seated at a desk in a forest setting, in front of a waterfall.  Lord, it’s noisy here.  I can hardly hear You.

When your heart is turned toward Me, you can hear my slightest whisper in the midst of a tornado of noise.  It’s not about the volume, it’s about your focus.

When life clamors like the noise of this waterfall, you must be especially focused. If you aren’t, you will hear in a distorted way, like a radio that isn’t tuned in, picking up two programs at once.

If there is confusion or question, you are likely not fine-tuned.  Dial down.  Be still and adjust your focus through worship and rest.  Remember Beloved, you are seated now in heavenly places with Me, above the noise.

This scripture came—Joshua 3:3 When you see the ark of the covenant of the Lord, your God, and the priest and the Levites bearing it, then you shall set out from your place and go after it.

Prayer: Lord, lead me by Your Presence.  Lead me Lord.  Help me turn my eyes completely on You and listen for Your voice alone. Another shepherd I will not follow.

~~~ If you are in the middle of the noise of life, needing direction, dial down in worship and rest.  Turn your eyes on Him and you will hear.

3 thoughts on “Monday Manna – It’s About Your Focus

  1. Hi!. Me ha alucinado analizar tu ensayo. Me ha semejado una lección muy sugestiva, aún, en ciertos parajes difiero un poco de
    tu sentir. He resuelto que tienes más manifestaciones, prometo atrapar un lapso para adivinarlas.
    Ten por cierto que acecharé todas tus revelaciones.
    Te congratulo por tu sitio web. Un amistoso saludo.

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