Monday Manna – How to Dwell in Love

monday-manna2August 29, 2008

To dwell in love begins with where you live toward yourself and Me.  To “dwell” is to permanently take up residence.  Unpack your clothes, your best dishes and hang pictures firmly on the walls. 

It’s to order ten engraved boxes of stationery with your address on it, knowing you will always live here.

You haven’t unpacked.  Your life is still in boxes in search of a home.  Love is your home.  I am love.  I am your home.

 Come on in.  You can rest here. You can sleep here.  I DO give My Beloved sleep.  You are My Beloved.  You can sleep here, knowing, trusting all that you need is being provided and cared for.  There is no lack here, none.  I am able to make all grace abound toward you so that in all things and at all times, having all that you need, you may abound in every good work.

Lord, how can I move in and unpack?

By believing.

Lord, how can I get from hope to belief?

Confession and repentance.  Refuse to live outside of love.  Refuse to allow anything bar the door to your home.  It’s yours and you must forcefully take it.

Have you settled permanently in Him yet?  Have you said no to the lies of the enemy and embraced the truth that you are completely loved, forgiven, empowered and equipped to do His will?

Get into His word and discover who He says you are, then move into your identity in Him.  Move in and refuse to even consider budging out of your new home.  Be blessed.


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