Monday Manna – His Ways Part 1

monday-manna2I was struggling with life circumstances one morning and here is what He shared with me:  There is a way that seems right, but I am the Way Maker.  My ways are not your ways nor the ways of the world.  My way is the way of humility, love, and joy in the Holy Spirit.  It is a life of grace, not without trials, but with power to overcome or walk through them unharmed, unscathed.  My ways are risky.  They put at risk your body, your soul, and reputation, but My love carries you and My word is your light and direction finder.

GPS—no—you don’t need it.  All you need is HSD—Holy Spirit Direction.  In Me, you live and move and have your being.  I am never late, never lost, always true, always love and always sure.  In Me, that’s where you reside.  In Me Beloved.  In Me.  No fear.  NEVER!  You are in Me and I will not lead you into a ditch.  I may lead you onto a low road, but it always leads to victory.  In Me, you are always on your way to triumph.  Always.  I guarantee it.  And there are may side trips and detours because I know what you need and what you love.

Let go of the wheel and let Me drive, sit back and enjoy the journey.  We are one.

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