Monday Manna – My Presence

monday-manna2On August 7, 2015, I was spending time with  Jesus. He took me for a walk and showed me a place to ever experience His presence. Here is some of our interaction:

“Mary Ellen?”

“Yes, Lord.”

“Will you follow Me?”

“Yes, Lord.”

I see Jesus turn and walk down a well-worn narrow path to a stream.  He bends down and scoops up some water with His with hand and lets it run through His fingers.

“Do you see this, Beloved?”

“Yes, Lord, I see it.  What is it You want me to see?”

“That it is there for the taking.  The water of this river, this stream, is always here just waiting for you to come and partake.”

“What is the water, Lord?”

“The water of My Presence.  It takes determination and choosing to come, but My Presence is always available.

Just as the sound of this water tumbling over the rocks and tree limbs flows endlessly, unraveling the tension of your soul, My Presence does the same without a whisper of sound.

Just pause, determine to pause, frequently and breathe in My Presence.  It will unravel your soul and wash you with My peace.

Let Me write My will on your heart in this place of peace. For now, come aside often to this river of My Presence and drink in peace.  It will prepare you for days ahead.

Lean in Beloved.  I am closer than your next breath.”

Hearing the song: Take Me to the River by Desperation Band:

Here are some of the lyrics:

Take me to the river
Pull me off the shore
Here within Your freedom
I have found my reason
I am Yours
Let the water rise
Far above my head
Baptize me in wonder
Spirit take me under
Once again

(Because of copyright I cannot  write out all the lyrics but they are included in the link)

I quickly opened my Bible and the first scripture I saw was Song of Songs 5:10, 12, 16b

“My beloved is white and ruddy, chief among ten thousand…His eyes are like doves, By the rivers of waters washed with milk and fitly set…This is my Beloved, and this is my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem.”


Set time aside each day and breathe in the river of His Presence.  Let Him unwind you and fill you with His peace.  Spend time with the One who loves you most.

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