Monday Manna – Dance


We’d made an offer on a house in February.  It was a short-sale.  In April 2009, I was wrestling about not hearing from the realtor about our offer on the house.  I asked Holy Spirit for more peace, more joy, more faith to wait in rest.  Here is what He said:

“You don’t need more of anything, Beloved.  You have Me!  The fullness of the Godhead dwells in Me and I dwell in you and you in Me.  You are swimming in an ocean of supply and acting as if you are on a desert.

“Throw back your head and laugh.  Float in My abundance.  You can rest in My love.  Nothing missed, nothing delayed.  My time, My way.  All is well!  Come sit in the coolness of the shade.  Sit down on this wooden park bench—polished and smooth.”

A tree with purple flowers hangs its branches in a canopy above us.  It looks like wisteria.  I watch the butterflies dance on the dandelions at my feet.

“Dandelions aren’t weeds in heaven,” He says. As I look around, I realize the meadow we are sitting in is covered with them.

“My grace is sufficient for you.  Beloved, keep your eyes on Me.  Rest. All is well.  There’s more to the picture than you see.  In time you will see with more clarity the reason for this timing.  I never miss an appointed time.  You will always be on time as long as you are with Me. Would you care to dance?”

“Yes, Lord I would.”

“How about the polka?  You loved to polka when you were a girl and always wished to sail around the dance floor like Anna in the ‘King and I’.  Shall we dance?”

“Yes, Lord, I’d love to.”

We sail with ease around and over the meadow.  Amazed that my feet don’t slip.  Jesus is smiling and so am I, tears sliding down my cheeks with love for Him.

“I love You, Lord.”

We “I love you, Beloved.  Today when the enemy of your soul comes knocking, remember to dance.

Tweet this:  Float in My abundance. You can rest in My love. Nothing missed, nothing delayed. My time, My way. Remember to dance.



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