December Song for Trees and Hearts


Dance you now in morning breezes

Sway and twirl against the wind

Dropping treasures of your harvest

Without care or fear or whim.

Ease you now in colder weather

Bare your bones, send roots down deep

Anchored rest for unknown season

Winter’s nap your soul to keep.

Days are damp and mornings chilling

Fog hangs low over hills and trees

Life moves slow in quiet whispers

As grandma rises from her knees.

Light streams over well-worn pages

Gnarled fingers turn them slow

Pausing, drawing, strength from words

Written holy long ago.

Hearts and trees need life’s refreshing

Given freely by God above

Open now His Word and drink

Wisdom, faith, power, and love.

(December 10, 2016)

4 thoughts on “December Song for Trees and Hearts

  1. Hi Mary Ellen!

    Beautiful poem!

    I have much to catch up on 🙂 I have a separate folder for your blogs in my email, so I have been saving them in there until I can get to them. My reading has slowed down (as it does at times with books), I have yet to finish the one I started. But in the end I always get the drive back then I read a lot.

    I did read this and a couple more a little while back, but I didn’t leave a comment, and a couple of the ones I read I did, I’ll sum them all up one day :-).

    But I must say, you are a good writer indeed…praise God!

    Love to you my friend!

  2. Thank you Elisha. I know you are in a season of quiet and am not bothered by your silence. When it is time to read, you will. Abba’s calendar is always right. By this time next year, or before, you’ll have a completed book from me to read. 🙂 Can’t wait.
    Have a wonderful season of times with Him. Much love my friend.♥

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