One Word Treasures


February 1, 2016

I received an email from a good friend asking me to send them any Hebrew word that means something along the lines of “wait, peace, pause, still, listen.”  Selah, was the first word that came to mind.

My immediate response was, “I will look up the official definition for ‘Selah,’ but I’ve always said, “Stop and slowly consider what you just heard or just read.”

For some reason, I’d never researched this word other than to get the definition, however a Hebrew study really nails it.Selah

As I went over these definitions and letter meanings, I prayed and asked Holy Spirit to help me see what He was showing me.

“Lean on the heart of God for your support.  He is teaching and instructing you and giving you revelation and grace. This is the reason for stopping and considering.  So…Selah—stop and listen to God’s heart.  He is speaking to you in this and giving you instruction with revelation and grace to apply it.”

Now as we read the psalms where ‘Selah’ is often used at the end of a verse. Let’s go back and see what we just read.  There is likely more there than we saw at first glance.  There is something there that God is wanting to highlight, likely something about Himself.

We could all use a little more SELAH in our lives.

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