*Treasures from Psalm 91:5-6

Treasures from the Secret Place

Treasure Box 91_5-6

Psalm 91: 5-6

5 You shall not be afraid of the terror by night,
Nor of the arrow that flies by day,
6 Nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness,
Nor of the destruction that lays waste at noonday.

AFRAID: When we dwell in Him, we are not Afraid, because God, the Supreme Head over all, extends His Right Hand of Power in our behalf.

But, when we are not dwelling in Him we are afraid because the things we are facing seem Bigger and more Powerful than us. It gets in our Head where Human Reasoning causes us to feel Insufficient.

TERROR comes with Spoken Words, threatening Separation and lack of Protection and tempting us to feel helpless, like an Impoverished man.

NIGHT: The enemy always comes to Goad us, leading us away from the light and Strength of God’s Right hand of Power. He wants to put us in the dark.

ARROW: Arrows are words spoken—shot like arrows, that Fence us in Separating us from the truth, from Righteousness. Rather than fostering Humility, they stir us to respond in kind.

FLIETH: The enemy loves to show off, waving threats in our face, trying to nail us to his fearful ways and secure us under his government and words are one of his main tools.

DAY: When the words come from someone we value can cause us to think: “They may be seeing from God’s perspective. They may have Holy Spirit information, and are speaking to re-Connect us with the Hidden Truth that we have somehow missed.”

This is DECEPTION in it’s highest form, because it speaks to our soul (mind, will and emotions—it touches how we feel about ourselves, God and others.)

PESTILENCE: The enemy walks right through our Door and speaks as if he is the Head of the house. If we listen, we feel judged and proven Insufficient and inadequate. Those emotions cause us to withdraw bringing division from those we love most, starting with God Himself.

If we aren’t eating daily from God’s word and receiving His truth as our identity and lifestyle, we’ve stepped out of the Secret Place and opened the door for the enemy’s visit. He doesn’t even have to knock. The door is standing wide open and he can come and go as he wills. He cannot come into the Secret Place because darkness cannot abide in the LIGHT.

WALKS: We are to be led by the revelation of God’s Word and surrender in obedience to Him. But the enemy uses the Word as a Goad to shame and humiliate or he twists the word. If we listen to him, we often surrender to his ploys and he Covers us…puts us in bondage.

DARKNESS: The enemy always portrays himself as a Powerful Leader. He attacks by Speaking his words. Portraying himself as an Authority, he Goads us and sometimes even uses God’s word to attack us, blinding us to the Father’s love.

DESTRUCTION: Because we are God’s chosen ones, Set Apart to represent Him, in the time that He brings Judgment on the wicked, He will Surround us and Divide us out for safety in His House. He will be our Dwelling Place.

WASTE: The Fire of God to consume His enemies, to Secure them, and bring them to the Gate or Door

NOONDAY: God exercises His Righteousness in pursuing the enemy and calling him to Attention to His Word. He makes it clear that He is the Head and puts an end to Human Reasoning that lacks Obedience.

These are two powerful verses of Truth.  You may want to camp out here a few days and fully digest it.


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