*Treasures from Psalm 91:3

Treasure Box--91_3

“Treasures from the Secret Place”

Summary of Verse 3

“Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler,
and from the noisome pestilence.” Psalm 91:3

We found some surprising treasure in this verse. Let’s open our chest and take a look.

SURELY is based on the fact that David already knew God’s faithfulness. There was not a doubt in his mind that God was going to act on his behalf. God redeemed David over and over from many trials. He had a record of victory. Our walk with Him builds faith in us as well.

Therefore, SURELY means that God Anointed David with His Hand. No matter what the circumstance, David was assured that God’s Right hand of Power would protect him.

The word DELIVER revealed Holy Spirit. He is our ultimate Teacher and all that He teaches, leads us to righteousness and away from every evil thing. He teaches us His righteous response, leading to life. He Urges us Forward by God’s written and rhema word.

So the Secret Place is not only a place of protection, but a place of learning and equipping.
Now the plans of the enemy started to become clear. In this verse we began to uncover his tactics.
Snare: The setting of a new governmental order through the spoken word. These words create a new beginning and fence us in to separate us, cut us off or protect us.

How often the enemy snares us with words spoken that bring offense or make us question our identity or God’s identity and we find ourselves separated from those we love and from God. His words put us under his government.

A FOWLER: is something or someone negative that divides us with a powerful hand and keeps us in a place of fire – anger, pain, anxiety, etc.

NOISOME: The letter Hey begins this word. It not only means Revelation in a good sense, but like the picture of the man with the uplifted hands…in a negative sense the enemy is jumping up and down with arms waving – “HEY, you are going the wrong way. Let me show you some ‘truth.’ Hey—look at me!” If we look and listen to his ranting, we are Hooked and Nailed into his domain instead of the Lord’s.

We discovered our greatest pest.

PESTILENCE: How often the enemy enters the Door of our Home when we are already feeling weary or down on ourselves or upset with someone else and he Speaks judgment, unbelief, or stirs strife that causes us to feel Insufficient and question if God really is in charge. Those emotions bring division in our relationship with God and those we love most.

We also discovered that Noisome Pestilence can come from the outside or the inside.
Next week we will discover what all those feathers are.

Have a blessed rest of the week. I need to rest a bit from all this digging. 🙂

Take time to read over what you’ve gathered and ask Holy Spirit to firmly plant and water the truth in your heart. No other mining I know causes growth like searching deep in His word.


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