6-What You Say is What You Get?

What you say

“Treasures from the Secret Place”

Chapter 6

I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress;
My God, in Him I will trust.”
Psalm 91:2

There are volumes of teaching available on the power of our words and how what we sow in words, we reap physically, emotionally and spiritually. The Word of God says that, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” (Proverbs 18:21) David writes in  this first portion of the psalm disclosing the benefits of dwelling in the secret place. He is living there and is now encouraging others to move in and enjoy them too.

In this verse David is declaring what he has discovered about the Lord. “I will say of the Lord…”

The word “say” here is one of those words that we all know but let’s look it up and see it from a broader perspective.

• answer
• consider
• declare
• publish
• report
• think
• utter

Say is used here in a variety of ways and one morning as I started re-reading Psalm 91, I felt a check in my spirit. I stopped on the word “say” and asked, “Why have we stopped here? Am I getting what You want me to see?”

“No,” He said. “What you say is what you get. There is weight in your words. They drop as pebbles into a pool of water unleashing ripples of blessing or cursing, freedom or imprisonment.

“You mouth the words and at times get hold of My love for you but there is so much more. I want to secure you in My love. I want to stabilize you. I want to fasten the tent pegs of My presence over you in such a way that you forever know that I am with you.”

What is it that is so important about saying or confessing something? Can’t you just believe it inside without saying anything?

Later when I went to the Hebrew text I found more:

559.Say’amar A verb meaning to say. It is translated in various ways
depending on the context. It is almost always followed by a quotation. In addition to vocal speech, the word refers to thought as internal speech (2 Sam 13:32; Est 6:6). Further, it also refers to what is being communicated by a person’s actions along with his words (Ex 2:14; 2 Chron 28:13).

Aleph = Aleph 1= God – Echad – Unity, Unique (no other like it) Means: Ox head—Strength or Leader, Most Important, First – The Strength and Power of the leader
Mem= Mem 40 = Trial, testing, Tribulation. Means: Womb, Water from the womb, Mighty, Massive, Chaos, Humility, taking the low place, Hidden relationship with God.
Resh2= Resh 200 = Insufficiency, Poverty (When we allow human reasoning to be our master, poverty of the Spirit results. Picture: the Head Means: Head, Chief, Beginning, Highest, Most Important, a Person, Human Reasoning vs. Obedience

What we SAY, releases God’s strength and power. It births a new beginning from our hidden relationship with Him. It transforms the circumstances of our testing, based on what we declare. What we say, reveals who or what we believe to be the Most Important and worthy of our obedience.
Romans 10:9-10 says,
“…if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”

Salvation— what is it?

4991 –
• rescue or safety (physically or morally): deliver
• a deliverer, i.e. God or Christ
• to save, i.e. deliver or protect (literally or figuratively): heal, preserve be (make) whole

We can experience “salvation” every day by choosing our words, what we SAY. We can build up our spirit and bring peace and faith to our souls or we can go the way of the world and focus on and speak the negative.

In the secret place David discovered that God is who He says He is, and by declaring who He is, David consistently put himself in a position of trust. He kept his focus on the Lord and in doing so was not shaken by the circumstances around him. He was saved from stress and worry. He rested, protected by God.
Let’s go on:

I will say of the LORD…

The word LORD:
3068 LORD= ‎Yehovah (yeh-ho-vaw’); (the) self-Existent or Eternal; Jehovah, Jewish national name of God: The self-Existent Eternal God
Yod= Yod 10 = The outcome, the completion of something. Means: Hand, Right Arm, Power – Right hand of God’s power, a Deed Done, to Work, to Cover, Allow, Hollow, Open Hand, also can refer to the Holy Spirit as it always hangs in the air overseeing
Hey= Hey 5 = Grace. Means: Revelation, Behold, Give Attention
Vav= Vav 6 = Man. Means: Nail or Hook, to Secure, Pin together, Connect -Yeshua
Hey= Hey 5 = Grace. Means: Revelation, Behold, Give Attention – (when it comes at the end of a word, as it does here, the Revelation comes from letter before)

Whenever you see the word lord all in capitals, as you do in this scripture, it is a substitute for God’s most important title, LORD. Whenever this title is used, one must also realize that the Covenant Keeping God is on the scene. This is the name He used when making covenant and when He refers to His covenant.

Okay what does this name mean when we look at the letters?

LORD—The Right hand of God’s power is completing something through Revelation and He wants us to pay attention. The Revelation is coming through the Nail or Hook that connects us from earth to heaven – Yeshua. — God is revealing His power through Yeshua and He wants us to realize that it is Yeshua’s Work, His Deed Done, that secured us to heaven. The ultimate Covenant maker and keeper is Yeshua Himself.

David knew Who he was trusting and it strengthened him to declare it. If you go back and read the psalms David wrote, you will discover how many times his psalms began by telling about the terrible trials he was enduring or of his own sin and crying out for help, but before the psalm ends he declares the faithfulness and power of God to deliver. He literally turned his despair into praise by changing his focus and language.

The Lord wants to establish us in the secret place of His presence. He wants us to settle down and confidently trust in Him. Our focus and the choice of our words, what we Say, can enable or disable our ability to dwell. The next time you are in a prayer setting with other people try this little experiment. When the prayers are focused on needs and people are crying out to God for help, ask the Lord to show you who He is in the midst of this circumstance. Then start declaring those things as you pray.

For example: “Lord, I thank You that You are our Help. I thank You that nothing is impossible with You. Lord I thank You that Your name is above all names and You are Lord over all. Lord, You are our provider. All that we need is found in You. Lord I thank You that when we ask according to Your will, You hear us and answer our prayers. Father, intervene in this situation. Bring about Your will. You triumphed over the enemy at the cross and You are exalted above all principalities and powers. Lord come now and show Yourself strong. We place our trust in You.”

It is very likely that the climate and focus of your prayer meeting will shift from being problem focused to being God focused. Salvation will be released, not only for the situation being lifted in prayer, but also for those praying.

Who do you Say the LORD is?  What is your declaration?  You may want to write out some declarations and start saying them out loud to yourself and to others as God leads.  It will build your trust in who He is.

Just wait until you see the treasures ahead in what David declares…you will not want to miss it.


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